Matt Ridley: Optimism In The Face Of “The Bad News Industry”

Steve Forbes: What’s Ahead | 11 August 2019 | 0h 30m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Matt Ridley, summarising key ideas from The Rational Optimist. Argues that despite today’s constant influx of negative news, life is getting better at an accelerating rate. Ridley challenges popularly held beliefs about the current state of the world, citing that extreme poverty has been defeated, food production is more efficient than ever, humans are living longer, and warfare is actually on the decline. If there’s one thing the defiantly optimistic Ridley worries about, it’s too much bureaucracy which he sees as an attempt to curb trade and stifle innovation.

Nine Stories About Our Nine Pints of Blood

The Science Show | 8 June 2019 | 0h 53m | Listen Later
Interview with Rose George about her book Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood. At turns funny, insightful, and disturbing as she explores the science of blood and our changing attitudes to blood in different cultures over time.

How To Raise Money From A Venture Investor

a16z | 18 July 2019 | 0h 33m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with a16z Managing Partner Scott Kupor sharing actionable fundraising advice based on his experience of seeing thousands of startup pitches and working on all of a16z’s investments. The second of a three-part series drawing on his book Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It.

England’s Galileo: the Life and Discoveries of Thomas Harriot

Late Night Live – with Phillip Adams ABC RN | 17 July 2019 | 0h 24m | Listen Later
Interview with Robyn Arianrhod about her book Thomas Harriot: A Life in Science, which resurrects Thomas Harriot’s reputation and acknowledges his place in the canon of scientific luminaries.

Charles Koch — CEO of Koch Industries

The Tim Ferriss Show | 11 August 2019 | 2h 06m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Charles Koch discussing ideas from his books The Science of Success and Good Profit. Discusses the thinkers that influenced the development of his philosophy of Market-Based Management, which helped him grow Koch Industries to be one of the largest private companies in the world. Covers MBM and his philanthropy, especially Stand Together, which partners with social entrepreneurs to improve their effectiveness and scale at tackling poverty, improving education, and reforming criminal justice.

How We Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Language

The Guardian Books Podcast | 6 August 2019 | 0h 35m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interviews with David Shariatmadari, author of Don’t Believe a Word: The Surprising Truth About Language and Cecelia Watson, author of Semicolon: The Past, Present, and Future of a Misunderstood Mark. Insights on language and punctuation.

Chris Bloomstran – What Makes a Quality Company

Invest Like the Best | 6 August 2019 | 1h 17m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Chris Bloomstran, president and chief investment officer of Semper Augustus Investments Group. Discusses what makes for a quality business. Includes a rich analysis unpacking the elements of Berkshire Hathaway’s performance and prospects.

Nir Eyal on Indistractable

The Ezra Klein Show | 1 August 2019 | 1h 19m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Nir Eyal about ideas in his book Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Debates whether big tech is addictive and whether good discipline suffices to manage digital distraction.