Sarah Cone Discusses Disrupting Venture Capital

Masters in Business | 20 December 2019 | 1h 28m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Sarah Cone, the founder and managing partner at Social Impact Capital, which describes itself as “a hybrid between a venture capital firm and an open-source community.”

Mei Fong on China’s One-Child Policy

Conversations | 24 February 2017 | 0h 51m | Listen Later
Interview with Mei Fong about her book One Child: Life, Love and Parenthood in Modern China. Discusses the conception, callous implementation, and troubling aftermath of China’s population control scheme, which rendered it ‘too old, too male, and too few’.

Binyamin Appelbaum on The Economists’ Hour

EconTalk | 16 December 2019 | 1h 09m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Binyamin Appelbaum about his book The Economists’ Hour. Appelbaum blames the triumph of free-market ideology for the rise in inequality and the decline in growth rates over the last half-century. Debates the economic events over that time period and the role of economists in changing economic policy.

Ben Savage – All Things Fintech Investing

Invest Like the Best | 17 December 2019 | 1h 05m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Ben Savage, partner at Clocktower Technology Ventures focussed on fintech. Overviews potential financial innovations where technology is opening up what can be invested in, especially in less liquid and less regulated areas, bringing new sources of beta. Insightful throughout.

Mr. Money Mustache – Living Beautifully on $25–27K Per Year

The Tim Ferriss Show | 13 February 2017 | 1h 47m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Mr Money Mustache, probably the most prominent and colourful proponent of achieving financial independence by optimising spending for happiness. This episode was life-altering for me. Merry Christmas.

When Doing the Right Thing Makes You a Criminal

The Ezra Klein Show | 5 December 2019 | 1h 45m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Wayne Hsiung about his journey from academic and corporate lawyer to facing prison for his work rescuing sick, injured animals from slaughterhouses. Challenging, inspiring and deeply thoughtful.