5 Years of The Podcast Browser

It’s now 5 years since I started The Podcast Browser.

Over time it has evolved from episodes I found interesting to being predominantly interviews with authors. Recently I changed the byline of the site to better reflect this.

I imagine visitors to this site as keen readers unable to get through all the books they’d like to read – and that the site helps by distilling the essence of many books.

In those five years I have published 1,884 episodes from 429 podcasts.

I’m proud of the site, but believe it deserves a bigger audience.  Like many engineers, I’ve focussed too much on the substance and too little on the promotion.  It gets around 1,000 unique visitors each month. About 25% of those come from search engines, a further 10% from other referrers, with the rest coming directly to the site. In addition, many people just subscribe to all episodes in their podcast player.

Perhaps you can help build the reach? If you have an audience, please mention this site to them. I’d welcome suggestions on how to build the audience.