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I’ve been listening to hours of podcasts every day for more than a decade. Each week I post the best of what I’ve heard, sprinkling in some classics from the past.

This site would not be possible without Listen Notes. The Listen Later links take you to Listen Notes where you can listen immediately or save to a personalised podcast feed (click the  button). Ultimately I’d like to do this with one click from this site, but I’m still to work out how to do that.

While I have favourite podcasts (e.g., EconTalk, Conversations with Tyler, In Our Time, and Freakonomics) many of the posted episodes result from searching for author interviews after reading book reviews in Literary Review, Marginal Revolution, The Economist, The Spectator, The Browser and Farnam Street.

If you’re looking for the podcasts curated by the Browser, please go to The Listener (which is not affiliated with this site).

For your benefit, I post links to Amazon where a book is the subject of a podcast. For my benefit, they’re Amazon Associates Program affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I hope that this will help to defray some of the costs of running this site, which is a labour of love. Clicking these links costs you nothing, supports the site, and keeps it ad-free.

Suggestions and feedback always welcome.

Paul Barnes
Cambridge NZ