America and Iran: A History

The Iran Podcast | 19 November 2020 | 0h 35m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with John Ghazvinian about his book America and Iran: A History, 1720 to the Present. Discusses the history of US-Iran relations over the past few centuries and how the two countries went from mutual admiration to mutual hatred.

1 thought on “America and Iran: A History

  1. Dr. Ghazvinian speaks as if the current disputes between the US and Iran are essentially relics of the mid-Twentieth Century, that could be overcome if only wiser heads would take a rational view of foreign policy. Such a blinkered view throws much of his analysis into doubt. The fundamental challenge is that Iran is ultimately run by theocrats who view the US as the Great Satan, and who long for an atomic bomb to protect their regime from external forces. Americans understand Iran as a threat and an adversary, but they are not chanting “Death to Iran” in the streets or in Congress.

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