Amia Srinivasan on Utopian Feminism

Conversations with Tyler | 22 September 2021 | 1h 05m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Amia Srinivasan about her book The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century. Discusses the importance of context in her vision of feminism, what social conservatives are right about, why she’s skeptical about extrapolating from the experience of women in Nordic countries, the feminist critique of the role of consent in sex, whether disabled individuals should be given sex vouchers, how to address falling fertility rates, what women learned about egalitarianism during the pandemic, why progress requires regress, how Hinduism has shaped her metaphysics, how Bernard Williams and Derek Parfitt influenced her, the anarchic strain in her philosophy, why she calls herself a socialist, and more.

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