Gregory Zuckerman on the Crazy Race to Create the COVID Vaccine

EconTalk | 10 January 2022 | 1h 22m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Gregory Zuckerman about his book A Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine. Describes how a couple of companies that had never produced a successful vaccine developed a covid vaccine so quickly. Captures the daring, deranged, and damaged visionaries who drove one of science and medicine’s great success stories.

Ben Guest on Zen and the Art of Coaching Basketball

Thecuriousmanspodcast | 17 December 2021 | 1h 10m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Ben Guest about his memoir Zen and the Art of Coaching Basketball. Discusses his work teaching and coaching basketball in Namibia. Transcends the sport to offer insights on living in the moment, meditation, relationships and coaching.

E.O. Wilson’s Plan to Save the World

Vox Conversations | 2 December 2021 | 0h 56m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
E.O. Wilson has died at 92 (NY Times obituary). This recent interview looks back over his life and work, discussing how his work studying ant species informed his understanding of how evolution shaped human behaviour; how his discoveries and ideas mainstreamed the idea of biodiversity; and his advocacy for biodiversity and conservation.

Jessica Lahey on Parenting & Addiction

The Tim Ferriss Show | 9 December 2021 | 1h 50m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Jessica Lahey about her books The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed and The Addiction Inoculation: Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence. Discusses parenting, her journey to sobriety, and writing.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Podcast | Day Month 2019 | 0h ??m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Archbishop Desmond Tutu has died at 90 (NY Times obituary). This podcast looks back over his life and work, especially his advocacy for South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement.

Abbas Nazari: After the Tampa

Conversations | 26 November 2021 | 0h 53m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Abbas Nazari about his book After the Tampa: From Afghanistan to New Zealand. Describes his life in Afghanistan, fleeing to Pakistan, being rescued from a sinking fishing boat in the Indian Ocean by the MV Tampa, Australia dishonouring its refugee obligations, and growing up in New Zealand, to become a Fulbright scholar.

Making of The Master – Roger Federer, by Chris Clarey

The Tennis Podcast | 24 August 2021 | 0h 59m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Chris Clarey about his book The Master: The Long Run and Beautiful Game of Roger Federer. Discusses the life and tennis career of Roger Federer, the people who have been important influences, and the rivalries that have shaped him.