The Universe Speaks in Numbers: Steven Weinberg

The Universe Speaks in Numbers | 28 November 2019 | 1h 05m | Listen Later | iTunes
Steven Weinberg has died at 88 (NY Times obituary). This 2014 interview reflects on his career in physics, the ‘golden years’ in which he and others put the finishing touches to the Standard Model of particle physics, and his views about the future of theoretical physics.

Leopold Aschenbrenner on Existential Risk & German Culture

Ben Yeoh Chats | 23 June 2021 | 1h 47m | Listen Later | iTunes
Wide-ranging interview with Leopold Aschenbrenner that captures the perspectives of a fine young mind. Discusses existential risk; whether nuclear or biological warfare risk is a bigger threat than climate change; how growth matters; the problem of falling global birth rates; German culture and whether he’d swap German infrastructure for the American entrepreneurial spirit; insights from starting university at 15; the merits of elite universities; and much more. Draws on his paper Existential Risk and Growth.

Black Spartacus ft. Sudhir Hazareesingh

Aufhebunga Bunga | 8 December 2020 | 1h 07m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Sudhir Hazareesingh about his book Black Spartacus: The Epic Life of Toussaint L’Ouverture (which won The Wolfson History Prize 2021). Discusses the life of the Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint L’Ouverture; the Haitian Revolution; Atlantic history; revolution in general; and revolutionary leadership.

“War Doctor” David Nott on Surgery in War Zones

Behind The Knife | 1 July 2020 | 1h 03m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with David Nott about his book War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line. Discusses his work as a surgeon in war zones for aid agencies Médecins Sans Frontières, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Syria Relief. Also backgrounds the work of his foundation which trains surgeons to be able to work in austere conditions in war zones.

With Emergent Ventures, Tyler Cowen Puts Money Where His Mind Is

Access to Excellence Podcast | 4 May 2021 | 0h 46m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Tyler Cowen discussing Emergent Ventures, which funds big and unique ideas; the Fast Grants program helping to fight Covid-19; why having children can help fight climate change; and why he is bullish on the U.S. economy.

I came across this on The Valmy, a list of episodes curated by Peter Hartree – an excellent resource, especially if you like philosophy.

The Son King, with Madawi Al-Rasheed

AfterWords | 10 February 2021 | 0h 34m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Madawi Al-Rasheed about her book The Son King: Reform and Repression in Saudi Arabia. Backgrounds the rise to power of Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, and discusses the ruthless repression and dangerous contradictions at the heart of the Saudi regime.

Jack Weatherford – Genghis Khan Revisited

dunc tank | 30 November 2019 | 1h 00m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Jack Weatherford about his book Genghis Khan: The Making of the Modern World. Argues that Genghis Khan has been slandered by history and made contributions that, despite his flaws, are valuable and still felt in present-day society.

If you enjoy this you might also like Razib Khan’s recent Substack writings on the Eurasian steppe.