Shipwrecked at the End of the World

Constant Wonder | 17 July 2020 | 0h 52m | Listen Later
Interview with Joan Druett about her book Island of the Lost: An Extraordinary Story of Survival at the Edge of the World. Explores the drivers of the divergent outcomes of two crews shipwrecked on opposite ends of the same island south of New Zealand in the late 19th century. One group fared well and all survived – whereas the other group largely perished.

Max Kenner on Crime, Education, and the Bard Prison Initiative

EconTalk | 29 March 2021 | 1h 07m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Max Kenner, the founder and executive director of the Bard Prison Initiative, which was profiled in a four-part PBS documentary, College Behind Bars. Discusses the program, which replicates the coursework of students at Bard College to offer college degrees to prisoners. Kenner talks about the origins of the program, what students experience, and the injustice he sees in both the criminal justice system and the educational system in the United States.

Dying from Despair in the USA: A Discussion with Anne Case

Princeton UP Ideas Podcast | 15 March 2021 | 0h 57m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Anne Case about ideas from her book Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism, co-authored with Angus Deaton. Backgrounds the increasing deaths from pain and despair for American adults without a degree. Ties this to the weakening position of labour, the growing power of corporations, and the lack of affordable health care.

Drug Use: Is Getting High an American Right?

The Next Big Idea | 4 March 2021 | 1h 24m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Carl Hart about his book Drug Use for Grown-Ups. Backgrounds research that suggests responsible use of drugs like cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and meth can be a good thing. Argues that the criminalisation of drugs is racist.

David Baddiel – Jews Don’t Count

The TLS Podcast | 29 January 2021 | 0h 31m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with David Baddiel about his book Jews Don’t Count. Explores the insidious, pervasive, exclusionary nature of ‘progressive’ antisemitism and how and why one of the most persecuted minorities in history continues to be overlooked.

Scott Barry Kaufman: What Type of Smart Are You?

Yang Speaks | 8 March 2021 | 0h 53m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Scott Barry Kaufman, the author of Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization. Discusses his journey from a special education program, how schools reward behavioural conformity and specific intelligence traits, his “Dual-Process of Human Intelligence”, creativity research, and redefining Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

From the Plow to Birth Control: How Tech Reshapes Relationships

Innovation Hub | 12 February 2021 | 0h 49m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Debora Spar about her book Work Mate Marry Love: How Machines Shape Our Human Destiny. Backgrounds the technologies – from the steam engine to the refrigerator – that have affected when, how, and with whom we partner up. Discusses a future with no masterplan for how the technologies we have built will further evolve and change us.

Dana Gioia on Learning, Poetry, and Studying with Miss Bishop

EconTalk | 15 February 2021 | 1h 35m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Dana Gioia about his book Studying with Miss Bishop. Discusses the craft of being a poet, the business world, mentorship, loss, why poetry no longer seems to matter, and how it might begin to matter again.