David Baddiel – Jews Don’t Count

The TLS Podcast | 29 January 2021 | 0h 31m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with David Baddiel about his book Jews Don’t Count. Explores the insidious, pervasive, exclusionary nature of ‘progressive’ antisemitism and how and why one of the most persecuted minorities in history continues to be overlooked.

1 thought on “David Baddiel – Jews Don’t Count

  1. Mr. Baddiel mentions that it is unfair to point to Sajid Javid as the first BAME Chancellor of the Exchequer when Nigel Lawson had been Chancellor during the Thatcher ministry. Has he forgotten Benjamin Disraeli? Anti-semitism, bad as it is in the modern UK, was surely worse in the 19th Century.

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