Economic Warfare: Implications for Sanctions Today

ChinaTalk | 8 March 2023 | 1h 03m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Part 2 of an interview with Nick Mulder about his book The Economic Weapon. Discusses why the Great Depression made importing commodities cheaper, and how that affected Germany’s and Japan’s protectionism; the difference between autarky and autarchy; whether Kim Jong-un’s North Korea could survive a full-on fuel embargo today by using Nazi-era technology; “temporal claustrophobia” and what it has to do with Japan siding with the Axis; parallels between the “ABCD circle” (America, Britain, China, Dutch East Indies) and the semiconductor export controls today; why having an empire was a liability for Britain; what sanctions had to do with the Czechoslovaks – even with a larger army – falling to the Nazis; how the blockades of WWI differed from WWII; and what lessons pro-decouplers should learn from this history of sanctions.


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