Hoop Dreams of Electric Sheep

The New Bazaar | 3 January 2024 | 1h 00m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz about his book Who Makes the NBA?: Data-Driven Answers to Basketball’s Biggest Questions. Discusses using AI tools for coding, artwork, copy editing and appendix writing to write the book in just 30 days; the lessons he learned about using AI, and what such accelerated productivity might mean for the future of the labor market; the findings in the book – an investigation into the backgrounds of the basketball players who make it to the NBA and succeed when they get there. Covers how much of success is genetic; what accounts for the NBA’s market failures – the traits of players that get paid too much or too little relative to their contributions; why some foreign countries have astonishing success sending players to the NBA; and whether the choice of college matters for future success. The answers to these questions are surprisingly revealing about the experiences of non-basketball players, and about the relationships between luck, skill, parenting, undiscovered talent, the economy, and other familiar variables.

See also the interview about his book Don’t Trust Your Gut.

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