How Men and Women Socialize Differently

The Art of Manliness | 26 August 2016 | 0h 39m | Listen Later
Interview with Joyce Benenson about her book Warriors and Worriers: The Survival of the Sexes. Debunks popular notions that social conditioning makes women more social, and men more competitive. Discusses the biological origins of male and female socialization; why men prefer all-male groups; why women can be just as, if not more competitive, as men; how men compete to cooperate; and why men can make up much faster with an enemy than women can.

I recommend reading Arnold Kling’s blogpost on the feminisation of culture, which he wrote in response to this episode. Academic corruption 2: Emasculated culture.

1 thought on “How Men and Women Socialize Differently

  1. Once again, we return to the question of human nature: Are humans naturally egalitarian or status-seeking? Warlike or peaceful? One would think study of hunter-gatherers would have established an answer, but it’s just so easy to find evidence for what one already believes.

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