Musa al-Gharbi on the Value of Intellectual Diversity

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape | 19 October 2020 | 1h 16m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Musa al-Gharbi about the value in intellectual diversity, both by keeping ourselves honest and in allowing ideas from unexpected quarters. Discusses why there are a lot more liberals than conservatives on university faculties, the extent to which that’s a problem, Heterodox Academy, and how we should better think about the value of diverse viewpoints.

1 thought on “Musa al-Gharbi on the Value of Intellectual Diversity

  1. The last section, about how those who wish to help disadvantaged groups are often out of touch with what the members of such groups believe and desire, seems prophetic in the light of the recent US presidential election. We now know that President Trump gained support proportionately among Black and Hispanic voters, and lost among Whites, an unexpected result.

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