Curated author interviews for Infinite Media

Welcome O’Shaughnessy Ventures!

I listened to Jim’s interviews with Patrick and Meb Faber and understand your desire to build “a new media ecosystem consisting of carefully curated content”. I note especially your desire for OSV to be a destination site for curated ideas and podcasts. I would separately observe that being well-read is core to the brand of both Jim and Patrick. So curated author interviews is right on target for OSV.

For five years now I have nurtured The Podcast Browser as a passion project. It curates excellent interviews with authors about their non-fiction books. I have gathered a small but devoted audience. Many initially arrived after a plug by Tyler Cowen on Marginal Revolution. I have had many lovely emails from people that love my recommendations. Notable subscribers include Arnold Kling and Noah Smith.

I’d like to explore whether my content would make a useful contribution to Infinite Media. My nirvana would be that I supply this content and your promotion lifts the audience size to the point where you could pay me a stipend. I’m open to options – I’m after a bigger audience for my labour of love. I’m convinced that lots of people could salve their craving to read more by listening to good author interviews. I am strongly motivated to put curated author interviews into the world. I’m convinced that there is a good alignment of interests and values with OSV.

I hope you’ll have a look around and like what you see. Background on The Podcast Browser has more on my curation process and philosophy of the site.

Thanks for your attention.

Paul Barnes
+64 21 2732725