Progress Studies in 2020 with Jason Crawford

Venture Stories | 16 August 2020 | 1h 11m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Jason Crawford, author of The Roots of Progress, discussing: the key aspects of human progress; the history of progress over time; whether we’ve traded off progress for safety; why the idea of progress is relatively new; what the nature of science fiction writing tells us about our vision for progress; why progress happens differently in different domains; how to think about safety with respect to new technologies; and the impacts of slowing population growth.

2 thoughts on “Progress Studies in 2020 with Jason Crawford

  1. Fails to address the most pressing issue: prŏgress or prōgress?

    More seriously, when Mr. Crawford talks about “progress”, he means increased scientific knowledge, more powerful technology, and greater per capita GDP. In principle, progress should also include questions such as whether individuals are growing healthier, or more knowledgeable, or more virtuous.

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