Revisiting Just Mercy (with Bryan Stevenson)

Stay Tuned with Preet | 26 December 2019 | 1h 00m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Bryan Stevenson about his memoir Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, also released as a movie. Discusses his work as a civil rights attorney representing death row prisoners, and challenging racial injustice and mass incarceration.

1 thought on “Revisiting Just Mercy (with Bryan Stevenson)

  1. While I am myself generally sympathetic towards the aims of Mr. Stevenson, an enlightening interview requires more than lobbing softball questions. Just a few suggestions:
    – Granting for the sake of argument that none of his clients deserve the death penalty, have any of them been guilty of the crimes of which they were accused?
    – He talks about how nervous he was meeting his first death row prisoner and arguing before the Supreme Court. How did he feel the first time talking to the family of a client’s victims?
    – If American society will never achieve racial harmony without truth and repentance (something like that around minute 46), what is the proper role of repentance in the criminal justice system?
    – To take an example of a man who was certainly guilty of mass murder and unrepentant, did Timothy McVeigh deserve the death penalty?

    It is useful to learn the flaws of the US criminal justice system, but opposition to the death penalty needs also to confront tougher issues.

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