Richard Meadows: The First Roaman, Optionality

RoamFM | 21 December 2020 | 1h 32m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Richard Meadows about beta testing Roam Research and his book Optionality: How to Survive and Thrive in a Volatile World. Discusses the early development of Roam Research and how he uses it for his writing process. Discusses Optionality, the philosophy he has developed to be both resilient to and profit from a volatile and uncertain world.

Optionality is my favourite book for 2020. That’s very high praise for a year where Matt Ridley published a book.

1 thought on “Richard Meadows: The First Roaman, Optionality

  1. Seems like the interview is more about Roam than Optionality.

    As for Roam, it seems similar to Emacs Org Mode ( ), though probably less flexible since it is not written in Lisp, and not free in either sense. Roam may work better on mobile phones however.

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