Robert Fisk: Reporting from the Frontline

RNZ: Saturday Morning | 22 May 2020 | 0h 48m | Listen Later
Robert Fisk has died at 74 (Independent obituary). In this 2020 interview, he looks back over his life, work, and controversies reporting for 40 years on Middle East conflict.

1 thought on “Robert Fisk: Reporting from the Frontline

  1. Is it reasonable to claim that the problems of the Middle East arise largely from the Treaty of Versailles? Pedantically, it was the Treaty of Sèvres that divided up the Ottoman Empire; but regardless of whether such a treaty existed or not, by 1919 the Ottoman Empire was not merely sick, it was in palliative care and could not be ressuscitated. It was probably inevitable that wars would arise after its collapse.

    (Strange really that there is so much attention to Western imperialism in the Middle East, but so little to Ottoman imperialism.)

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