Stephen Holmes on Liberalism in the 21st Century

The Lawfare Podcast | 4 April 2020 | 0h 58m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Stephen Holmes, co-author of The Light that Failed: Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy. Discusses the fate of liberalism in the decades following the fall of the Berlin wall, Holmes’ experience studying Eastern European politics, the problems with trying to export liberalism across the globe, and the factors that have led to the global rise of illiberal leaders.

1 thought on “Stephen Holmes on Liberalism in the 21st Century

  1. It’s commendable that Prof. Holmes admits (without justifying to be sure) that there are reasons why Eastern Europeans and Republican Americans may not support full liberalism, but it’s a shame that he doesn’t engage directly with their thinkers, such as Prof. Ryszard Legutko.

    Insofar as he discusses American politics, itis a major omission that he doesn’t appear to realise that liberalism is currently threatened by the Left as well as the Right.

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