Hannah Barnes on Time to Think

Baillie Gifford Prize | 9 November 2023 | 0h 28m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Hannah Barnes about her book Time To Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children. Investigates the controversial story behind the NHS’s flagship gender service for children. Suggests ideological concerns took priority over clinical practice.

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Christopher Clark on Revolutionary Spring

Baillie Gifford Prize | 7 November 2023 | 0h 51m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Christopher Clark about his book Revolutionary Spring: Fighting for New World 1848-1849. Discusses an extraordinary year in European history where demonstrators rebelled against societal structures, governments and armies lost control and revolutionary sparks flew across all of Europe’s cities.

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Margaret MacMillan on Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World

Baillie Gifford Prize | 20 April 2023 | 0h 29m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Margaret MacMillan about her 2002 book Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World. Discusses the fascinating figures behind the 1919 peace process, the ways in which the book cast new light on the negotiations that influenced the modern world, and what could have been done differently to avert World War II.

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Wade Davis on Into the Silence

Baillie Gifford Prize | 14 April 2023 | 0h 33m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Wade Davis about his 2011 book Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest. Delves into George Mallory’s fatal expedition to Mount Everest. Discusses the psychological aftermath of the First World War, Mallory’s character, and why he kept climbing on that fateful day.

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James Shapiro on 1599: A Year In The Life of William Shakespeare

Baillie Gifford Prize | 6 April 2023 | 0h 25m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with James Shapiro about his book 1599: A Year In The Life of William Shakespeare. Explores life in Elizabethan England, how Shakespeare managed to produce four great works (including Hamlet) in just one year and why the rumours that Shakespeare was in fact more than one person are false.

James Shapiro was subsequently named the Winner of Winners, as discussed in the following episode:

Baillie Gifford Prize | 11 May 2023 | 0h 11m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify

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Barbara Demick on Nothing to Envy

Baillie Gifford Prize | 23 March 2023 | 0h 32m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Barbara Demick about her book Nothing to Envy: Real Lives in North Korea. Discusses her work recreating the culture and concerns of North Korean citizens, describing the resilience of six former residents of Chongin, North Korea’s third-largest city.

This episode is the first of a Winners of Winners shortlist of past winners of the Ballie Gifford Prize for nonfiction. See also Ezra Klein’s 2017 interview What Life is Like in North Korea.

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Polly Morland on A Fortunate Woman

Baillie Gifford Prize | 31 October 2022 | 0h 30m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Polly Morland about her book A Fortunate Woman: A Country Doctor’s Story. Discusses how she reprises John Berger’s medical classic A Fortunate Man, writing about the work of a country doctor in the same valley as Berger’s work – all while managing her mother’s care for dementia.

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