Toby Musgrave – The Multifarious Mr Banks

Talk Radio Europe | 22 March 2020 | 0h 18m | Listen Later
Interview with Toby Musgrave about his book The Multifarious Mr. Banks: From Botany Bay to Kew, The Natural Historian Who Shaped the World. Argues that Banks, the botanist on James Cook’s first circumnavigation, and the longest-serving president of the Royal Society, was a leading figure of the English Enlightenment.

Pacific Exploration, Botany, and Revolution

Time to Eat the Dogs | 5 May 2020 | 0h 28m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Edwin Rose about his paper Publishing Nature in the Age of Revolutions: Joseph Banks, Georg Forster, and the Plants of the Pacific. Discusses Joseph Banks and Georg Forster, naturalists on James Cook’s expeditions, and how political ideas shaped the way these specimens were understood back in Europe.