Byron Auguste On Rewiring the U.S Labor Market

Conversations with Tyler | 21 September 2022 | 0h 54m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Byron Auguste making the case that too many job seekers are screened out based on shallow signals like a bachelor’s degree, and too few ‘screened in’ by directly demonstrating the skills needed for the job at hand. Discusses workforce training in the digital economy, re-evaluating college degree requirements in recruitment, why IQ is overrated and conscientiousness is underrated, the major opportunity gap in on-the-job training, what people miss about the German apprenticeship model, and more.

Leopoldo López on Activism Under Autocratic Regimes

Conversations with Tyler | 27 July 2022 | 0h 49m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Leopoldo López discussing Venezuela’s recent political and economic history, the effectiveness of sanctions, his experiences in politics and activism, how happiness is about finding purpose, how he organized a protest from prison, the ideal daily routine of a political prisoner, how extreme sports prepared him for prison, his work to improve the lives of the Venezuelan people, and more.

Matthew Ball on the Metaverse and Gaming

Conversations with Tyler | 13 July 2022 | 0h 55m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Matthew Ball about his book The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything. Discusses the eventual widespan transition of the population to the metaverse, the exciting implications of this interconnected network of 3D worlds for education, how the metaverse will improve dating and its impacts on sex, the happiness and career satisfaction of professional gamers, his favourite type of entrepreneur, and more.

Tyler and Daniel Gross Talk Talent

Conversations with Tyler | 18 May 2022 | 0h 48m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross discuss the ideas in their book Talent about how to spot talent better. Covers interview questions (including why to ask about conspiracy theories), predicting creativity and ambition, the differences between competitiveness and obsessiveness the hiring strategy that set SpaceX apart, what you can learn from discussing drama, the underrated genius of game designers, the importance of value hierarchies, and more.

Roy Foster on Ireland’s Many Unmade Futures

Conversations with Tyler | 6 April 2022 | 0h 59m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Roy Foster discussing the history of Ireland: the truths and misconceptions about Ireland as a policy laboratory for the British government; why spoken Irish faded more rapidly than Welsh; how the Battle of the Somme and the 1916 Easter Rising cemented the rift between the Northeast and the rest of the country; what went wrong with Irish trade policies between the 1920s and 1970s, the power of Irish education, why the re-emergence of The Troubles in the 1960s may not have been inevitable; the reasons for Ireland’s openness to foreigners; and more.

Sebastian Mallaby on Venture Capital

Conversations with Tyler | 9 February 2022 | 0h 56m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Sebastian Mallaby about his book The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future. Discusses why venture capital skills aren’t more replicable, the promise of biotech despite increased regulations, why venture capital remains concentrated in the Bay area even after the pandemic, the differences in risk-taking between East and West coast finance, the Darwinian evolution of good hedge fund strategy, and more.

Russ Roberts on Israel and Life as an Immigrant

Conversations with Tyler | 19 January 2022 | 0h 59m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Russ Roberts about his new life in Israel as president of Shalem College. Discusses why there are so few new universities, managing teams in the face of linguistic and cultural barriers, how Israeli society could adapt to the loss of universal military service, why Israeli TV is so good, what American Jews don’t understand about life in Israel, what his next leadership challenge will be, and more.

Stanley McChrystal on the Military, Leadership, and Risk

Conversations with Tyler | 20 October 2021 | 0h 53m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Stanley McChrystal drawing on his book Risk: A User’s Guide. Discusses risk, the dangerous urge among policymakers to oversimplify the past, why being a good military commander is about more than winning battlefield victories, how to maintain a long view of history, what set Henry Kissinger apart, the usefulness of war games, why there haven’t been any major attacks on US soil since 9/11, the danger of a “soldier class” in America, why he supports a draft, the most emotionally difficult part and greatest joys of his military career, the prospect of drone assassinations, what he eats for his only meal of the day, and more.