Sören Urbansky – Beyond the Steppe Frontier

New Books Network | 8 September 2020 | 1h 15m | Listen Later
Interview with Sören Urbansky about his book Beyond the Steppe Frontier: A History of the Sino-Russian Border. Discusses the border’s formation over 300 years and shows how the inter-state boundary took shape as a result of actions by local people, whose lives have in turn been transformed by existence next to a geopolitical faultline.

Virginia Postrel on Textiles and the Fabric of Civilization

EconTalk | 16 November 2020 | 1h 06m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Virginia Postrel about her book The Fabric of Civilization and How Textiles Made the World. Tells the fascinating story behind the clothes we wear and everything that goes into producing them throughout history. The history of textiles, Postrel argues, is a good way of understanding the history of the world.

The White Ship: A Medieval Royal Tragedy

History Extra | 4 November 2020 | 1h 00m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Charles Spencer about his book The White Ship: Conquest, Anarchy and the Wrecking of Henry I’s Dream. Discusses the White Ship disaster, which drowned the heir to the English throne, triggering a succession crisis and the subsequent civil war known as the Anarchy.

Ötzi the Iceman: The Neolithic Ice Mummy

Tides of History | 12 November 2020 | 0h 43m | Listen Later | iTunes
Explores what science has allowed us to learn about the life and final days and hours of Ötzi, the man who died five thousand years ago, more than 10,000 feet high in the Alps of northern Italy.

Enslaved Women & Resistance

History Extra | 21 October 2020 | 0h 36m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Stella Dadzie about her book A Kick in the Belly: Women, Slavery and Resistance. Discusses the experiences of enslaved women in the West Indies and reveals the inventive ways they resisted their oppressors.

Henry III: Inside the Mind of a Medieval King

History Extra | 17 June 2020 | 0h 37m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with David Carpenter about his book Henry III: The Rise to Power and Personal Rule, 1207-1258. Explains how we know more about Henry III’s inner mind than any other English king of the period and describes how Henry’s reign witnessed civil war, the ongoing fallout from Magna Carta, and amazing building projects.

Edward the Confessor

History Extra | 26 August 2020 | 0h 58m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Tom Licence about his book Edward the Confessor: Last of the Royal Blood. Discusses the life and times of the pre-conquest ruler of England, King Edward the Confessor. Weighs the evidence for whether Edward promised the Kingdom to William the Conqueror.

Jonathan Schulz on Kinship Networks and Psychology

HistoryTwinsPodcast | 5 December 2019 | 0h 50m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Jonathan Schulz about the Catholic Church, cousin marriage, and psychological variations between countries. Argues that the Church prohibition of cousin-marriage, which dissolved extended kin groups in early medieval times, was critical to the development of liberal democracy. Draws on his paper Kin-Networks and Institutional Development.