The Evolution of Inequality Under Capitalism – Branko Milanović

On Humans | 16 December 2023 | 1h 00m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Branko Milanović about how capitalism is serving us. Discusses long-term trends in inequality, the economic performance of capitalism and whether it inevitably leads to greater inequality.

See the associated Substack post for the charts discussed in this episode.

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Angus Deaton on Life in America

The New Bazaar | 11 September 2023 | 1h 12m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Angus Deaton about his book Economics in America: An Immigrant Economist Explores the Land of Inequality. Describes his origins in Scotland, his studies at Cambridge, and his decades as an economist. Reflects on a lifetime of practicing economics, and the good and bad of the economics profession. Shares observations about the American economy, his ambivalence towards the US, his adopted country—the many great things, including the lives that he and his family have led – and some of the devastatingly grim things about US life for so many others.

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Thomas Sowell on Social Justice Fallacies

Uncommon Knowledge | 15 September 2023 | 0h 42m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Thomas Sowell about his book Social Justice Fallacies. Discusses the consequences of our society’s quest for equality at the expense of merit. Criticizes the concept of systemic racism, arguing that even if every group in society is given an equal chance, groups will still end up with disparate income and education levels.

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How Genes Maintain Social Status | Greg Clark

Aporia Podcast | 23 September 2023 | 1h 07m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Greg Clark about his study The Inheritance of Social Status: England, 1600 to 2022. Discusses the persistence of social status across multiple generations, the challenge this poses to the belief that social interventions and social institutions can influence rates of social mobility, and the evidence for a genetic role in social status.

See other interviews with Greg Clark.

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The Future of Inequality: A Discussion with Mike Savage

The Future of . . . with Owen Bennett-Jones | 13 January 2023 | 0h 42m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Mike Savage about his book The Return of Inequality: Social Change and the Weight of the Past. Backgrounds the challenge that inequality poses to liberal democracy, arguing that inequality is returning us to a past dominated by empires, dynastic elites, and ethnic divisions.

I was prompted to look for this after reading David Brooks’ excellent article What if We’re the Bad Guys Here?

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Gabriel Zucman: The Triumph of Injustice

Social Europe Podcast | 19 March 2020 | 0h 34m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Gabriel Zucman about his book The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay, co-authored with Emmanuel Saez. Backgrounds increasing rich-world wealth and income inequality and suggests tax changes. Advocates top-up company taxes for companies domiciled to avoid company taxes, and taxing citizens regardless of whether they continue to be residents.

This is the book said to have inspired former NZ Revenue Minister David Parker’s determination to introduce a wealth tax.

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Ninety-Eight Years of Economic Wisdom

People I (Mostly) Admire | 24 June 2023 | 0h 54m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Robert Solow about his life and work. Discusses cracking German codes in World War II, economic growth, why it’s so hard to reduce inequality, and how macroeconomics lost its way.

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Libertad Gonzalez on Parenting, Violence & Fertility

Rocking Our Priors | 14 June 2023 | 0h 42m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Libertad Gonzalez discussing her research looking at the effect of paternity leave in Spain on the sharing between men and women of childcare and housework, fertility rates and children’s attitudes to gender roles; intergenerational transmission of migrant gender inequality and violence; looking at the relationship across European countries between female employment and fertility to the divergent attitudes between men and women to how housework is shared.

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