Eliot Higgins on We Are Bellingcat

Intelligence Squared | 5 February 2021 | 0h ??m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Eliot Higgins about his book We Are Bellingcat. Tells the story of how Bellingcat pioneered the use of software to crack some of the biggest cases in the world. Discusses their investigations into the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, and the recent poisoning of Russian politician Alexei Navalny.

Putin’s People with Catherine Belton

Intelligence Squared | 7 July 2020 | 0h 45m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Catherine Belton about her book Putin’s People: How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took On the West. Argues that the techniques of front companies, money laundering and links with illegal business and organised crime that he practised working for the KGB in East Germany are the same techniques he uses today to concentrate his power and interfere in Western countries.

Nervous States: How Feeling Took Over the World, with Will Davies

Intelligence Squared | 26 May 2020 | 0h 52m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Will Davies about his book Nervous States: How Feeling Took Over The World. Discusses the long history of tensions between building societies based on facts and reason versus feelings based on fear and anxiety.

The Classical School, with Callum Williams

Intelligence Squared | 12 May 2020 | 0h 46m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Callum Williams about his book The Classical School: The Birth of Economics in 20 Enlightened Lives. Debunks popular myths about great economists.

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat, with Jenny Kleeman

Intelligence Squared | 17 July 2020 | 0h 42m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Jenny Kleeman about her book Sex Robots and Vegan Meat: Adventures at the Frontier of Birth, Food, Sex, and Death. Discusses the innovations coming to the most human of experiences: artificial wombs, lab-grown meat, sex robots, and automated, painless death.

Stephen Fry and Friends on the Life, Loves and Hates of Christopher Hitchens

Intelligence Squared | 15 December 2017 | 0h 45m | Listen Later | iTunes
Stephen Fry and other friends of Christopher Hitchens gathered to celebrate the life and work of this great writer, iconoclast and debater. Includes Richard Dawkins, Sean Penn, Christopher Buckley, Lewis Lapham, Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie and James Fenton with readings and reminisces.

Robert Caro on the Art of Political Power

Intelligence Squared | 30 October 2015 | 1h 11m | Listen Later  | iTunes
Interview with Robert Caro, covering the highlights of his biographies of Robert Moses and Lyndon Johnson, perhaps the most highly regarded works of political biography.

Anshel Pfeffer on Netanyahu and The Future of Israel

Intelligence Squared | 14 June 2018 | 0h 58m | Listen Later  | iTunes
Interview with Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz journalist and author of Bibi – The Turbulent Life And Times Of Benjamin Netanyahu. Interesting perspectives on the leadership and story of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the state of modern Israel, and the future of the Middle East.