Lars Doucet – Georgism, Progress, Poverty, & Why Rent is Too Damn High

The Lunar Society | 10 January 2022 | 1h 40m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Lars Doucet about his book Land is a Big Deal. Digs deep into Georgism – the notion of taxing increases in land value. Discusses why even the wealthiest places in the world have poverty and homelessness; why rents increase as fast as wages; why land-owners are able to extract the profits that rightly belong to labour and capital; and how taxing the value of land would alleviate speculation, NIMBYism, and income and sales taxes.

This digs deep into the arguments for and against a land value tax. The earlier Narratives episode serves as a gentler introduction. I’m rather persuaded by the arguments presented. Is there something I’ve missed, or is this a no-brainer policy change?

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Simon Winchester: Land

The Book Club | 27 January 2021 | 0h 42m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Simon Winchester about his book Land: How The Hunger For Ownership Made The Modern World. Discusses mankind’s relationship to land through place and time. Considers whether capitalism is possible without land rights, whether climate change will alter our relationship to property, why the pioneering map makers of the nineteenth century are now barely heard of – and Dutch land reclamation.

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