Sam Harris on Meditation, Mindfulness, and Morality

EconTalk | 6 February 2023 | 1h 51m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Sam Harris discussing the subtleties of his religious and cultural critiques; what he has learned as a podcaster and author; how ecstasy launched his spiritual journey; and the power of meditation, exploring the way it can lead to self-transcendence and real connection with others.

This is a fine example of two people discussing their differences constructively to find common ground.


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Stillness: How to Find Peace in a Frantic World

The Next Big Idea | 28 January 2020 | 0h 44m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Ryan Holiday, the author of Stillness Is the Key, sharing his tips for slowing down, calming your mind and body, and accessing the tranquillity deep inside.

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Robert Wright on Meditation, Mindfulness, and Why Buddhism is True

EconTalk | 2 October 2017 | 1h 06m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Robert Wright, author of Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment. Wright argues that our evolutionary past has endowed us with a mind that can be ill-suited to the stress of the present. He suggests that meditation and the non-religious aspects of Buddhism can reduce suffering and are consistent with recent psychological research.

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