Hein de Haas – Debunking Myths About Migration

How To Academy | 15 December 2023 | 0h 39m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Hein de Haas about his book How Migration Really Works: The Facts About the Most Divisive Issue in Politics. Discusses why people immigrate, what it means for their origin countries and destination countries, and what’s really at stake when we open or close our borders.

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David Anthony: the Origin of Indo-Europeans

Razib Khan’s Unsupervised Learning | 21 May 2021 | 1h 04m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with David Anthony about his 2007 book The Horse, The Wheel, and Language. Discusses the archaeological and genetic evidence for a massive migration from the steppe as the origins of Indo-European languages, the enormous genetic impact of the Yamnaya people, changing thinking about migration, and the domestication of the horse.

Razib Khan has done a follow-up interview that updates progress over the last two years on the domestication of the horse, the spread of the wheel, and Yamnaya steppe herders’ language. See also the Tides of History interview with David Anthony.

I highly recommend reading The Horse, The Wheel, and Language and also Razib Khan’s Substack, which has lots of pieces on steppe migration.

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Nicholas Thomas on Voyagers: The Settlement of the Pacific

New Books in Anthropology | 19 July 2021 | 0h 58m | Listen Later | Spotify
Interview with Nicholas Thomas about his book Voyagers: The Settlement of the Pacific. Discusses the history of the Pacific; the influence of Epeli Hau‘ofa’s writings on his concept of Pacific Islanders as ‘inter-islanders’; and the complexities of intercultural contact in the 19C Pacific, as which are exemplified by ‘Tupaia’s Chart’ – the map made for Captain Cook by Tupaia, the Tahitian navigator who led Cook to Aotearoa/New Zealand.

See also other episodes on Polynesian migration.

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The Coming Migration Boom, with Parag Khanna

World Review from the New Statesman | 1 November 2021 | 0h 31m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Parag Khanna about his book Move: How Mass Migration Will Reshape the World. Discusses the countries that are embracing migration, those that are having a harder time and how pressures such as climate change and ageing populations might transform where people live, and the tensions that could cause.

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Peter Frankopan – How a Changing Climate Shaped Civilisation

How To Academy | 14 March 2023 | 1h 22m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Peter Frankopan about his book The Earth Transformed. Discusses how the climate has shaped the rise and fall of civilisations across time: harvests built empires, drought fanned the flames of war, and storms and floods buried civilisations.

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Agriculture, Migration, and the Births of Language Families

Tides of History | 31 December 2020 | 0h 40m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Peter Bellwood exploring the relationship between agriculture, migration, and the distribution of today’s most prominent language families. Explains how farming led to population growth and movements of people that still shape our world today.

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David Nasaw on The Last Million

Carnegie Council Audio | 23 September 2020 | 0h 56m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with David Nasaw about his book The Last Million: Europe’s Displaced Persons from World War to Cold War. Discusses the management of and repatriation of the concentration camp survivors, POWs, slave labourers, political prisoners, and Nazi collaborators that did not return home after the end of WWII. Insights on why the Americans chose not to bring Nazi collaborators to justice, and the US domestic political considerations behind Jewish settlement in Israel.

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