Sarah Hill – The Psychological Impact Of Hormonal Birth Control

Modern Wisdom | 21 November 2022 | 1h 16m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Sarah Hill about her book This Is Your Brain on Birth Control: The Surprising Science of Women, Hormones, and the Law of Unintended Consequences. Discusses why hormonal birth control can make women prioritise wealth in men, why women who come off are less sexually satisfied with partners they chose when they were on birth control, the relationship between taking the pill with anxiety, depression, bisexuality and stress, whether it’s a good thing for women to have sex with men who they wouldn’t marry, and more.

Sam Tatam – Evolutionary Ideas For Modern Problems

Modern Wisdom | 15 October 2022 | 1h 12m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Sam Tatam about his book Evolutionary Ideas: Unlocking Ancient Innovation to Solve Tomorrow’s Challenges. Discusses the application of evolutionary solutions to modern problems, covering how the wings of an owl helped fix problems in the bullet train, how the ears of a hare assist wind turbines, why Google Glass failed, why airline tickets are so confusing, how companies can aid customer decision without limiting choice, and more.

Louise Perry – The Sexual Revolution Has Failed Everyone

Modern Wisdom | 27 June 2022 | 1h 38m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Louise Perry about her book The Case Against the Sexual Revolution. Discusses why trying to not catch feelings when sleeping with someone is dangerous, how TikTok is encouraging young girls into rough sex, whether sex work is real work, why men’s porn addictions are ruining their sex lives, how the washing machine is more useful than most feminists, whether inventing the pill was an error, and more.

Daniel H. Pink – How To Overcome Regret

Modern Wisdom | 19 February 2022 | 1h 02m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Daniel Pink about his book The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward. Argues that regrets offer us valuable insights. Discusses the most common regrets people have, that inaction is the cause of most suffering, how people believe in both free will and things happening for a reason, and more.

Gurwinder Bhogal – 15 Mental Models To Understand Psychology

Modern Wisdom | 16 October 2021 | 1h 11m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Gurwinder Bhogal about his Twitter thread exploring human nature, cognitive biases, mental models, status games, crowd behaviour and social media. Discusses how saying ridiculous things can be a test of loyalty, why people can be too stupid to know that they’re stupid, why million-to-one odds happen 8 times a day in New York City, why The Bullshit Principle is actually a thing, why everyone is seeing racism everywhere, and more.

Jim O’Shaughnessy – Surviving The Great Reshuffle

Modern Wisdom | 27 May 2021 | 1h 27m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Jim O’Shaughnessy. Argues that time, space and geography are collapsing. The richest people on the planet are no longer in charge of labour or buildings, they’re symbol manipulators. The skillsets we need today are completely different to what was needed 50 years ago, let alone 500. Discusses why 2020 was the best thing to happen to talented people in the developing world, the danger of grade inflation in top-flight universities, Rory Sutherland, Isaac Newton, and more.

The Freemans – How To Have Better Arguments With Your Partner

Modern Wisdom | 20 February 2021 | 0h 57m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman about their book The Argument Hangover: Empowering Couples to Fight Smarter and Overcome Communication Pitfalls. Argues that success in relationships is a function of dealing with disagreements. Explains what an argument hangover is, how to make a disagreement better before it’s even begun, how to turn conflict into a good thing, why emotional triggers are a danger, and more.

Donald Robertson – Stoicism: How To Think Like A Roman Emperor

Modern Wisdom | 25 January 2021 | 1h 35m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Donald Robertson about his book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. Discusses how stoicism and cognitive behavioural therapy are intrinsically linked, why an existential crisis can be useful, how Marcus Aurelius dealt with his anger, why Robertson thinks we lost the wisdom of ancient Greece, and more.