Professor John Horton Conway

More or Less | 23 April 2020 | 0h 14m | Listen Later | iTunes
John Horton Conway has died at 82 from covid-19 related complications (NY Times obituary). An influential figure in mathematics, Conway’s ideas inspired generations of students around the world. Discusses his life and work with mathematician Matt Parker and Conway’s biographer Siobhan Roberts.

Unbelievable: The Forgotten Rape Data

More or Less: Behind the Stats | 1 November 2019 | 0h 9m | Listen Later | iTunes
Hundreds of thousands of US rape forensic samples have been taken but not tested, generally where the alleged offender is known. Jurisdictions now testing these samples are identifying a serial rapist in 20–25% of samples. Offenders typically rape 7–11 times before being caught. Two-thirds of US states now mandate testing of rape forensic samples.

How Well Do You Understand Your World?

More or Less: Behind the Stats | 3 September 2018 | 0h 9m | Listen Later  | iTunes
Discussion with Bobby Duffy, author of The Perils of Perception: Why We’re Wrong About Nearly Everything about why we are often wrong about a lot of basic facts.