Felipe Fernández-Armesto: Beyond the Myth of Magellan

The Book Club | 6 April 2022 | 0h 47m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Felipe Fernández-Armesto about his book Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan. Argues that almost everything we think we know about this hero of the great age of exploration is wrong.

Francis Fukuyama: Liberalism and its Discontents

The Book Club | 21 March 2022 | 0h 37m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Francis Fukuyama about his book Liberalism and its Discontents. Discusses how a system that has built peace and prosperity since the Enlightenment has come under attack from the neoliberal right and the identitarian left; and how Vladimir Putin may end up being the unwitting founding father of a new Ukraine.

Christopher de Bellaigue: The Lion House

The Book Club | 2 March 2022 | 0h 39m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Christopher de Bellaigue about his book The Lion House: The Coming of a King. Discusses the life of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent – massacres, sieges, over-mighty viziers, Venetian perfidy, and… true love?

Anna Keay: The Restless Republic

The Book Club | 16 February 2022 | 0h 37m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Anna Keay about her book The Restless Republic: Britain Without A Crown. Describes the short but traumatic period between the execution of Charles I and the restoration of the monarchy: the religious turmoil; the explosion of the newspaper industry; the sympathetic side of Oliver Cromwell; and the parallels with our own age of constitutional upheaval and viral propaganda.

Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen: Freud’s Patients

The Book Club | 22 September 2021 | 0h 38m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen about his book Freud’s Patients: A Book of Lives. Discusses the lives of the patients anonymised in the case studies on which Sigmund Freud based his theories. Describes how Freud falsified the data to fit his theories, kept incurable cases coming back week after week to keep the fees rolling in – and how the global industry of Freudian analysis resembles a religious cult more than a science.

Mary Ann Sieghart: The Authority Gap

The Book Club | 28 July 2021 | 0h 36m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Mary Ann Sieghart about her book The Authority Gap. Marshals the evidence that all the way through society women are taken less seriously than men, even by other women. Suggests how it came to be, what we can do to change it, and why we should take the trouble.

Iain MacGregor: Checkpoint Charlie

The Book Club | 4 August 2021 | 0h 54m | Listen Later | iTunes | Spotify
Interview with Iain MacGregor about his book Checkpoint Charlie: The Cold War, The Berlin Wall And The Most Dangerous Place On Earth. Discusses how, and why, the Russians cut a city in half overnight; and why we let them. Describes how events in Tiananmen Square reached Friedrichstrasse. Includes a lovely story about a single British soldier looking after the Red Army that they never forgot.

Lawrence Wright: The Plague Year

The Book Club | 9 June 2021 | 0h 36m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Lawrence Wright about his book The Plague Year: America In The Time of Covid. Discusses what a book brings to recent history that week-to-week journalism can’t, about the extraordinary happenstance that put him in contact with one of the unsung heroes of the vaccine race, and the three reasons Covid was such a catastrophe for the US.