Economists at War

The WW2 Podcast | 15 December 2020 | 0h 53m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Alan Bollard about his book Economists at War: How a Handful of Economists Helped Win and Lose the World Wars. Discusses the role of a few economists in maximising the resources their countries could marshal for the war effort. Also covers their role in shaping the post-war world.

Stalin: the Real Victor of WW2

History Extra | 9 April 2021 | 0h 54m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Sean McMeekin about his book Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II. Discusses his revisionist history of the Second World War, which places Josef Stalin at the centre of the conflict, showing how the Soviet dictator outmanoeuvred both enemies and allies to secure his own ends.

Hunting the Bismarck

Dan Snow’s History Hit | 20 January 2020 | 0h 45m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Angus Konstam about his book Hunt the Bismarck: The Pursuit of Germany’s Most Famous Battleship. A gripping account of the Royal Navy pursuing Nazi Germany’s largest battleship, the Bismarck, in the greatest chase story in the history of naval warfare. Bismarck represented the single most important threat to the Royal Navy and the vital Atlantic convoys they sought to protect; her armoured protection had earned her the reputation of being unsinkable.