The ‘Quiet Catastrophe’ Brewing in Our Social Lives

The Ezra Klein Show | 18 April 2023 | 1h 14m | Listen Later | Podcasts | Spotify
Interview with Sheila Liming about her book Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time. Discusses how the structures of our lives and physical spaces have made atomization rather than community our society’s default setting, the surprising class differences in how far we live from our families, the social costs of wearing headphones and earbuds in public, how technology has enabled us to avoid the social awkwardness and rejection inherent in building community, the fact that the nuclear family is a historical aberration – and maybe a mistake, how texting and “ghosting” affect the resilience of our core relationships, what we are losing in an era of increased remote work, why some parents are revolting against their kids having sleepovers, and more.

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