We Live in The Good Place. And We’re Screwing it Up

The Ezra Klein Show | 28 October 2019 | 1h 27m | Listen Later | iTunes
Interview with Kate Marvel on climate change. Focuses on evaluating whether climate change is an existential threat that must take priority ahead of all other concerns.

2 thoughts on “We Live in The Good Place. And We’re Screwing it Up

  1. There’s the story that climate change is cosmic justice; there’s the story that we’re all doomed. And then there’s the story that of course climate change is occurring, but it will have some positive effects and the negative effects won’t be so disastrous. It would be enlightening if Ezra Klein interviewed Matt Ridley on his show, maybe with someone to challenge him.

  2. I agree. When Ezra Klein sought recommendations for people to talk to I suggested Matt Ridley. I’ve posted several interviews with Matt Ridley, including one on climate change. See also the Bjorn Lomborg interview on the costs and benefits of dealing with climate change.

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